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20 February 2017

More shuttles and more

Well I'm in a strange 'mood' at the moment!  Sort of down in the dumps. I spent a lot of time yesterday taking proper photos of the brooches I've been making and packaging them. When I'd finished I got so down as they didn't look as good as I imagined they should. DARN IT - I know what's wrong - I should've used REAL diamonds instead of beads.  

Anyway, I'm going to take BC3 in hand and get him through these dumps and will list some of them in the Etsy shop. I'm hoping to have the pins I've made ready for listing too. Butterfly pins. They look (like the brooches) fantastic in real life but I'm not sure how they'll look when I've taken photos. 

Oh, I've also got a lot of Pop A Bobbin Shuttles to put in the Etsy shop too. Below is a list of what I've got.

2 EBONY £22.50
3 ZEBRANO £20.00 
2 PURPLE HEART £20.00 
1 PURPLE HEART £20.00 without a hook
1 APPLE £18.00
2 CHERRY £18.00

18 February 2017

Brooches - again

Once I start these I easily get addicted!!! They are fun to make and not too hard but they do involve a certain amount of beads - which I LOVE.  Also the joys of playing with colour interests me too.

I had a visit yesterday afternoon from 'im in the garage' who delivered more Pop A Bobbin Shuttles. I'll try and get them listed in Etsy as soon as possible but that will take me a few days.  I'll let you know when they're ready to go.

17 February 2017

Just to whet your appetite!

Here are pictures of two of the patterns I've submitted to the Fringe for their Tat Days in September. The first one is worked on a button and the one at the bottom (also on a button) is somewhat based on a technique that I found in the Dora Young book. 

I've put them onto pins and even I have to admit they're pretty stunning.  

I'm going to make some more to sell too as I LOVE making them!!!!

Actually (a bit of self analysis coming up) I don't care about selling things too much except that the finished items tend to add to the household storage system (AKA clutter!!!).

The money does come in useful to put towards more thread, buttons, beads, shuttles etc etc but my real pleasure is in making.  There's rarely a day goes by when I'm not making something.  If I'm not making it's because I'm on going through some sort of personal problems.  

16 February 2017

More about the Mochila bag

Before I start - just to let you know that we now have 88 Crinoline Ladies over on the TIAS blog.

You're just going to HAVE to suffer just like me!!! Here are more pictures of the bag which I started showing you here.

These are more of the trials and errors. If you look at top picture you'll see that I'm still having 'blips' of colour showing through - this is BAD cause they're on the right side of the bottom. Actually you shouldn't see colours showing through on either side!!!  Second one down is another of the 'back side' taken before another rip out!!!

The bottom one is a lot better but still room for improvement!!!

15 February 2017

Dora's pineapple

Here it is - finished. The picture at the bottom is the first one I took but I decided it just didn't show the glorious pattern up properly so I cleared the bed in the spare bedroom and laid the doily on there to take another. 

I'm going to buy a copy of the re-printed book as soon as it comes out as I want to give a copy to my daughter. Why? Well it may just get her back into tatting again although it's at least 14 years since she last picked up a shuttle!!! Kirsty did learn at a young age but I'm not sure if I ever taught Lucy as I would only teach people or kids who were genuinely interested.  They probably got bored watching their very strange mother tatting at every spare moment she had.  After all - they knew nothing else and were born into a home where shuttles ruled!!!  Oh, and the sewing machine!!!

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