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23 March 2017

Another sewing 'stint'

This time I've made these two. There is still a bit more fabric left with a LOT of one type which I'll show you another day. I maybe able to make three with that design.

22 March 2017

More bags

Yes, I'm happily stuck in 'bag making mode' at the moment. 

These are lovely to make mainly because of the truly delightful Japanese style fabrics. They're stunning. They're also inspiring me to sew, sew, sew.

The sizes are variable according to the fabric I've got which makes it even more interesting. I have a 'cutting out' session, then a 'sewing session' and try to complete bag before starting on the next temptation. Here are two I made over the weekend.

21 March 2017

Crinoline Lady

On Sunday I spent ages trying to get poor old BC3 to sort out the TIAS on the server and tidy stuff up on this blog too. You will see that I've removed the TIAS from the side of this blog and added just a simple link to the TIAS blog where all the recent games are now to be found. I've moved all the TIAS links to another part of the server to make it easier for next year's game - well, for me, anyway!!!

I've also finally got the Crinoline Lady sorted and on the site too. Here's the link

You will see that I've added Barbara and Andrea's additions to the lady - with their permission, obviously.  Here is the pictorial umbrella from Barbara too (below).

20 March 2017

Feeling good

At the tender age of 103 I'm feeling good. 

NO, I'm teasing. Actually I'm talking about the 103rd TIAS lady who arrived from Bed in The Netherlands on Saturday. Here's the link along with a subtle hint to send in any that haven't been sent in yet!!!! 

Well, not so much a hint as a 'nag'!!!!

You may have noticed a slight change to the front of my blog - more tomorrow on that!!!

17 March 2017

A Herd of Seahorses

Now this is a collection of seahorses - I didn't make them, though. They were made by Liz for a project over the other side of Australia from where she lives!!! Aren't they gorgeous? 

Liz sent them to me some time ago but I keep forgetting to put them on my blog. Here's what she says.

"Here is what I will be sending for the Reef project in Exmouth, West. Aust.

I have not straightened up the small ones – Christie says she thinks she might have to stiffen them – so she can do that!!

I learned a lot- I had not done any beading before, and especially stringing the fin beads in the little ones – Grr!!

I omitted the beads within the seahorses – where one row of rings joins the next row. I just did plain, simple joins, but did the beads around the edge. They were fun to do, - and should look Ok in the Reef the Community is making.

Thank you for the patterns. You write them out so they are easy to follow. You can see how my tension differs, by the way some curl up more than others!! -- Well, - shows they are hand made!!!!!!!
Hugs, Liz.

There's always something SO warming when you see your patterns made by others. Sort of makes the hours of 'blood, sweat and tears' (well, not quite!) all seem worthwhile when you've long forgotten about old patterns.

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Happy Beaks
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